Let’s Make Our Own Luck in Long Term Care

Let’s Make Our Own Luck

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you woke up and your world was turned upside down by a loved one needing care? No, you didn’t because that would be a nightmare, right? I live in a world where people never anticipate needing care and yet they need it every single day. They think it is the end of living. I am here to guide you to the truth.

When I was a young adult I had the privilege of being an actor. I don’t have many movies behind my belt but the few I do have lingered. My children asked to see one of them for the first time today. It got me to thinking about life, memories and what it all means. Everyone wants to make their own destiny, don’t they? No one wants their future job or spouse picked by someone else. We don’t want to be told where to live or to what we enjoy.

Yet every single day I see people who have procrastinated the choice that will make or break their family. Why do we do it? Why do we leave these burdens for others to pick up? Like a hoarder who gets overwhelmed by their piles of stuff, we are left frozen, debilitated.

So, let’s start this month by stop hoping the end will be as good as the beginning. Stop hoping it all turns out and wishes and unicorns will fill the final years of our lives with greatness. Let’s start making our luck. Let’s plan where we go, how we are cared for and how it will all be paid for. Let’s start this month as the month by having a real plan about how the final years start. We spend much effort on how they begin.

How do you make your luck concerning the “after retirement stage” of your life?

  • Investments – See a financial advisor and get your money planned for fun and care.
  • Long-Term Care -Care Plan – Register for an upcoming Long-Term Care – Care Plan Creation Session
  • Attend a Pre-Planner’s Seminar – Go to our website to sign up for the next one. (If you are our of the area watch for webinars.) CayCare.com/preplanner
  • Pay for long-term care insurance to pay for care and save money
  • Get your legal documents in order – See an elder law attorney to write up your will and other legal documents.
  • Talk to your family – Do not leave them in the dark! When you were deciding what college to go to or profession to take up you went to those you trusted and discussed. Do this with your loved ones. Do NOT leave them in the dark.

Lisa Doyle is a registered nurse, educator, and geriatric care manager who has worked for over 15 years in helping seniors find long term care solutions. She takes empowerment and education to the next level and ensures her whole team does the same. A CayCare advisor can help you make your best care solution and plan today. Before Lisa worked in geriatrics she was a home health and hospice nurse and worked with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries. She is the mother of 3 beautiful and active children.

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