Age Friendly Places to Go in Puyallup checked out by a Nurse and Her Mom

My name is Lisa. I am a nurse, the founder of CayCare, wife, mom and in this article the first role I ever played, daughter. Join my mother as she enters her mid eighties with a smile. We have spent many a week end figuring out what a senior can do with family or friends around here. While not every place is perfectly fit for seniors we still made it fun to visit.

This month’s adventures include the following places. I will tell you that many of these may well fit in the blooper category but we left every single one of them with a smile. I learned that wheel chair ramps do not have to be as close to an entrance as you think. I learned that sometimes you have to act like you are parking a getaway car to pick up your over 80 year old parent in the wind and rain.

DISLCAIMER – The following information about local outing locations doesn’t negatively reflect their service or overall community rating. This information is to provide those of us who have seniors in our midst and/or those with senior impairments (hearing loss, vision loss, inability to move as quick as a non-senior) an idea of the potential challenges taking their loved one to these locations may pose.

Longston Regal Cinema – With reclining chairs, reserved seating and the ability to pay without standing in too long of a line (mostly because we all use Netflix now and don’t go to the theatre) made the cinema a great place to be.

  • Amount of Noise – 3 (turn the hearing aids down people or your ears will explode to the varying screen sounds.)
  • Lighting for safety in building- 4
  • Handicapped Parking – 4
  • Easy Reading – 4 (Times/Signs were pretty easy, rotating vending screens a bit of a challenge to follow)
  • Decision Making Time – 5 (You didn’t have to wait in line until you knew what you were going to get)
    Total Score Average – 4.0 Senior Friendliness

Forever Sushi – You feeling lonely and just needing other humans around, this is the place for you! They greet every guest who enters and give you that welcome to our family feel. I love places like this that can help a senior out who doesn’t have others. While I do not rate age friendly on prices this place would fit in the modest budget household as well. You can get a plate of food for under $5.00, although who can stop at one plate has my prize for the self control. This has become mom’s and my favorite quick hot spot for a meal. Did I mention my 9 and 10 year old love it here too. If you haven’t been introduced to interactive piggy banks and hi-chews this is the place for you

  • Amount of Noise – 4 (You can hear yourself think but there is a TV going and interaction.)
  • Lighting in the building – 4.5
  • Handicapped Parking – 3 (While this location has handicapped right in front, it is a busy area. I haven’t had luck about 50% of the time finding parking. This is the place we treat my mom like she is the queen of England and pull right up with lights flashing on an “off” day to drop her off. Otherwise this one you need to have a senior who can walk.)
  • Easy Reading – 4.5 (I mean technically you don’t need to read to go here. The plates are color coordinated. The senior may need instructions to get going but then dive right in or grab the plate.)
  • Decision Making Time – 4.5 (This one could be debated. If you don’t make a decision as the choice comes around you have to wait until it completes the full circle. My mother and I went back and forth on this but ultimately decided that the time it took to go full circle not only allowed the time but sometimes the proper digestion.)
    Total Score Average – 4.1 Senior Friendliness

Charlie’s Restaurant– My mother and I checked this place out a while back. This is a known place for seniors. I love the salad bar and that it is a locally owned business. Lisa’s mom goes by Jane if you meet her on the street.

  • Amount of Noise – 4.5
  • Lighting in the building – 4.5
  • Handicapped Parking – 3.5 (Parking is a bit of a challenge but there is some to navigate)
  • Easy Reading – 4.5 (Menu was easy to read.)
  • Decision Making Time – 4.5 (They were super patient as we took our time looking at the menu.
    Total Score Average – 4.3 Senior Friendliness

Jane, AKA my mom has let her daughter rope her in to this adventure and we are sharing our story with you. Please let us know of a location to check out and rate for senior friendly/aging friendly adventures.

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