COVID 19 and Searching for Care Solutions

COVID 19, Coronavirus

First we want to commend our leaders by talking about the heart of the problem with regards to COVID 19 being protecting our seniors. I love that they said during a news conference we are protecting your Grandma. That is absolutely the truth. Let’s all be mindful that we are in fact protecting your and my grandma. We do not want to inadvertently expose or spread an illness to someone who is at risk.

In light of this we will be ensuring the safety of our community but assisting our seniors with our wonderful support and approach. You can search for care without exposing anyone through our customized experiences we have had in place for our ill seniors for years.

We can perform virtual and bedside tours. Implementation and screening and wonderful support away from the risk makes you succeed. We have been performing these support services for many years so you will be able to get what you need and protecting our seniors.

Complete our free online intake or call us and we will perform a telephone assessment, provide detailed instructions and tours as well as set up all the next steps.

Touring will currently be very complex and complicated in an already stressful and complicated process. We want to be your guide and support.

  1.  Call us to determine where to start.
  2.  We provide education to you allowing you to have reduced stress.
  3.  We screen the facilities protecting you.
  4.  We set up your virtual tour and introductions to the facilities that have availability.
  5.  Once you have a connection we help set up the evaluation and admission.
  6.  Our nurse will provide telephonic follow up.

Let’s do this together!

We know that finding the right care solution can feel like an overwhelming task. Fill out our quick online intake and we can help guide you!


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