Top 2020 Changes 😎 We Made Due to COVID

I have heard so much said about this year. 2020 has really kicked us in the keester. Never have I said “this is unreal, surreal” so many times before this year. That is saying a lot since I, myself have had cancer, lost a child and my father. That all being said I will say it again. There is literally nothing about this year that is normal.

Maybe that is the one great thing to remember about 2020. Can you name all of the “new” things you have done this year that has never happened before. What about all of the things you completely stopped doing? Here is a short list below. Feel free to go to our Facebook and Instagram Page and include your own 2020 firsts.

  1. The gas I saved. (Literally 100’s of dollars saved)
  2. The calls I made.
  3. Zoom (need I say more)
  4. Grocery Shopping as an event (since there wasn’t anything else to do)
  5. Grocery Shopping Pick-Up (Okay I had embraced this in 2019 but most of you started it this year)
  6. Stopped eating out (Like I relearned how to pack my own lunch. Which is both an art form and a healthy option. Not to mention the money I saved)
  7. Learned how to teach my kids. (Which for me was a low point, but hey we did it)
  8. Cleaned (Like nooks, crannies and boxes were sorted)
  9. Donated the old (I know I wasn’t alone because the donation lines went on for days)
  10. Movie night nearly every day. (We even got into watching movies in other languages)
  11. Learning apps (language, meditation, yoga, motivational – you name it, we did it)
  12. Alternatives to TP (Our house managed to stock up right before the crazy started, but it was luck)