What has caused a huge stir among social media to “free Britney?” In 2007 Britney Spears was issued a conservatorship with her father, Jamie Spears. Since that time Britney has had reportedly no say in how she spends her funds.

Since her estate was put under this conservatorship she has reporteldy earned $600 million dollars with her music and concerts. She is unable to spend any of her money without permission from that conservatorship.

In 2019, her father stepped down from managing issuing temporary control to a new individual by the name of Jody Montgomery. Britney Spears attorney is currently petitioning for Jody to continue to manage her conservatorship.

The whole thing had me ready to protest on her behalf. While much of Britney’s medical condition and overall issues is confidential and private the conversation that this stimulates is very much essential. If you were going to have someone else gain full control of every decision you made who would you appoint?

This is an important question because it takes you full circle to aging adults across the land that end up with cognitive changes that prevent them from making their own decisions. Without the head shaving and the $600 million, you become BRITNEY.

  1. Who should decide where you live?
  2. Who decides how you spend/save/use your money?
  3. What would you want them to know before you end up in a crisis that perhaps make you lose your voice. (Remind you of a certain Royal interview???)

Britney, Whether you are getting a voice or not you are teaching the rest of us to find ours. XO – CayCare.