CayCare, Not Your Standard Referral Agency

Since 2005, CayCare has been serving Western Washington. We have watched the world of long term care change drastically in costs, rules and competition. As we have grown and a law was formed more and more individuals have thrown up a shingle to become a referral agency. Don’t get me wrong, free enterprise is awesome.

What we want to share with you is a funny story so you understand the importance of WHO you work with when you consider locating long term care.

A social worker was recently told by a very new competitor, “CayCare works like a realtor.” Which had us laughing because that newbie clearly doesn’t even understand their own industry. ALL referral agencies work like a realtor. CayCare even less so since our staff DO NOT get commission which is the majority of the agents out there. In an effort to best explain referral agents to the public we often use the realtor as a way to relate to what we do in our industry. That is what we do at CayCare, help people BETTER understand what they are getting themselves into.

The reason for this method over simply sales/soicitation is that it works more effectively overall.

If you don’t know how your agent was trained you aren’t working with a CayCare Placement Navigator. We mentor and coach and it isn’t an overnight transaction. We have watched individuals hired Friday and start Tuesday. There is simply NO WAY that they are receiving the level of quality training and mentorship CayCare demands.

The last and most unfortunate piece of misinformation we have witnessed is the falsifying HOW LONG they have been in the industry. Do not let them fool you. Having worked as a marketing and sales person for an assisted living or adult family home or home care agency does not a referral agent make.

Truth = Trust

We are proud for what our CayCare family has achieved to ensure our families are served at the very best level. All 16 years we have been around.

Thank you for taking the time to find out just who it is serving you. Quality you can trust, CayCare.