People are Interesting

People truly are interesting. Every story unique and special. I share these posts to tell you about the people I am lucky enough to meet. Many of these people would be judged as outcasts. To me they are simple wonderful stories of what I get to do as a job every day. To me it is never work. They are an honor to get to know. Here is one such story.

I knocked on the front door in a nice neighborhood of a senior I was supposed to evaluate. I could hear laughter of a child, but no one was answering. I called the family and they directed me to go to the side door, a butler’s entrance of sorts. I could not hear the laughter here, but I called out and knocked. The door opened on its own.

I called out and the owner of the home came out with flour on her face. upon entering I realized what I thought was a child’s laughter was in fact the wife of the patient I was supposed to see. They were a prominent family in the region I worked. The house was a mansion on the outside. It was somewhat frozen in time on the inside. I couldn’t see the patient I was supposed to see at first. The wife started to give me a bit of a tour of her home. “We set him up in here.” She says. “I need your help to get him up, will you?” “Of course” I reply.

He is sitting in the living room. His care was simple and I was able to set up additional services for them as well. As I left the back entrance, which she informed me was their main entrance was piled high with unopen delivery boxes. Some of them so old they were fading in the sun. I couldn’t help but ask when was the last time her children had been to visit. She looked at mean and the boxes and said, “We don’t let them come here anymore. We meet at a restaurant nearby.”

I asked if she would allow me to help. I promised not to judge. She accepted my help with a subtle smile and then gave me hug as the tears flowed. I told her, I would like to think if I ever needed this type of help, someone would be there for me. Who around you could use your non-judgmental help and support? Connect them CayCare. We won’t judge. #gethelp #loveeveryone