CayCare, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Lisa Doyle, RN. Working as a home health nurse, she discovered a desperate need for advocacy for seniors. Combining her medical background with her desire to help seniors find their best care solutions, she began CayCare with her husband, Randy Doyle. Now in its 15th year, CayCare has grown into a thriving company that prides itself on empowering seniors and their families to make the best choices for their individual situation.

CayCare has helped thousands of families find long-term care options that result in happier and healthier outcomes. Along the way, CayCare has set the gold standard for customer service and compassion, advising seniors and their families seeking care solutions. Our mission is to provide exceptional support and guidance to families navigating the senior care environment, by offering a nurse pioneered experience that personally assists and empowers families to make informed decisions about the care solutions they seek.

Job Opportunities:

Placement Navigator

Senior Living Liaison

Intake Coordinator

Care Manager

Nurse Care Manager

Join Our Team:

“I am incredibly grateful for the leadership, continuing education and mentorship that I receive from owner and founder, Lisa.”  – Steph

“I have never felt so rewarded by my day-to-day work.” – Jennifer

“I enjoy helping people!” – LaTonda

“I love working for a company that really cares about the outcomes of the people they serve and thus support me as the follow-up nurse to check-in on and support those whom CayCare assists.” – Amy
“I love working with a team that really cares and supports each each other and truly cares about the people we serve!” – Bonnie