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Planning Ahead – 5 Ways to Pay for Long Term Care (Virtual Webinar)

Preplanner’s Workshop – (Virtual Webinar)

Location: Virtual Webinar
Sponsor: OPEN

About Pre-Planner’s Workshop:

This is a specially designed workshop for those individuals/couples who fit one of the following categories –

  1. Planning ahead for retirement and wanting to explore what long term care might look like.
  2. You or a loved one have a care need currently that is working for now but a plan for the future needs to be put into place.
  3. You or someone you care about is getting by but really would benefit from some care. You feel like you don’t need care but others keep bringing it up and asking if you about needing care.

No matter which one of the 3 that you or someone you are caring for fits, this is the workshop for you. We will dive in to issues around estate planning from a care manager’s perspective. We will connect you with resources for your estate planning needs. We will open the secrets behind care, placement and medicaid planning that may affect you.

You will leave with resources and some support on customizing your long term care planning needs in a very unique perspective.

Bonus Information 

We will address VA specialty pension information and free services through the VA. We will discuss Medicaid and the care services process from a behind the scenes perspective that you have never seen. We will address the realities on how to choose care in a way you have never thought of before. How do I know? Because we hear it every day from our families.

“How is it you never hear about this? “Why don’t they teach you about this information when you are planning ahead?” – Client

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