I Don’t Need That Yet, A Podcast for Families with Aging Parents

Dad comes home and damages the other car in the driveway again. You know that he shouldn’t be driving but he refuses to discuss it. You are at that point where you need to talk to him but have no idea what to say or how to handle. It is time to gather all of the family together and discuss because he is refusing. Where do you even start?

My name is Lisa Doyle and I am a nurse, the founder of CayCare, Elder Care & Senior Living Advisors and a Geriatric Care Manager. Explore this stressful topic with me on a podcast, I Don’t Need that Yet. I take difficult subjects and discuss them in under 15 minutes.

If you are going through this stage in life where you need to think about your aging parents or a spouse with a critical condition then this podcast is for you. There is a subscription base that is month to month for an affordable way to get questions answered and a support system with other families.